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HDMI display issues- when using a hdmi cable from laptop screen does not fit properly

Issue: When connecting a HDMI cable from laptop directly to a HDMI port on TCL 55" ROKU, the display does not fit properly.

From my trials and research here is what I have found:

It is not the graphics properties. It is not corrected by changing the display resolution on the laptop.

If you research this topic, many will say it is due to some HDMI overscan capability, this is not the issue.

To resolve, I did the following:

#1 Be sure to use the HDMI #1 slot on the back of the TCL.  using #2, or #3 arc will work but the display will be off.

#2 Once you connect the HDMI cable from the laptop to HDMI 1 on the tv. Select that HDMI input on your tv. If the display does not fit perfectly, and the screen is off by maybe 1/4" .. well you already have completed step 1 by having the HDMI cable into port 1. Good.

#3 Using the remote go to Home and pull up an app. I used youtube, and select a video to play. You have to press play on a video and it must begin playing in order to adjust the screen size on the TCL TV menu. The options are, normal, auto, direct, zoom. To get to the TCL menu you have to press the * key on the tcl remote while the video is playing. Pause the video, then hit the * key on remote. And you will see the options. I think it is called picture setting. Set it to 'direct'. Hit the * key again to exit the tcl menu. Then exit youtube. 

#4 Go back to HDMI 1 input. And your laptop screen should fit perfectly. 

#5 Have a blessed day.

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