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HDMC ruining my Roku experience. Help.

I just purchased two roku sticks to replace my Amazon firesticks. I keep getting the same message about the hdmc at the bottom of the screen. This is so annoying. The whole screen doesn't go blank but the message is distracting. I have tried everything i've found on help sites to no avail. Ii am going to return the roku sticks and go back to the firesticks. I cannot imagine roku hasn't jumped all over this with a fix. I cannot imagine how much business this has cost them. I have a friend that was going to purchase three, however i am going to relay my experience to him. I think the only way you can use this right out of the box is with a smart tv. I plugged on into my smart tv and it worked fine, however the other four tv's i was going to use roku on are not smart tv's. Roku needsto seriously address this issue before they loose too much business. Word of mouth can be very damaging to a company's sales.possibly if i could find a tech support phone number it might help.
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Re: HDMC ruining my Roku experience. Help.

Could you be more specific as to the problems you are having.  I am using 2 Roku sticks, one with an ordinary (non-smart) TV and the other with a computer monitor and having no issues.
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Re: HDMC ruining my Roku experience. Help.

Please confirm the message. Does it say HDCP?
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