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HDCP error and sound issues

I have the 2020 ROKU ultra connected to a LG C8 OLED TV. ALL my hdmi connections are high speed and the only connection to my devices is through the ARC out from my DENON-AVR 3500h. I also have both the TV ,AVR, and the player hard wired through a netgear switch (ethernet). All internet connections are through a 3 station (M5) mesh. Roku update 10.0 and I also get HDCP error flashing for about 3seconds. Audio continues but is out of sinc??I have tried EVERYTHING from the countless number of replies to no avail I have 3 other ROKU devices the last being the 4k ultra NO PROBLEMS. This latest 4K ULTRA with ATMOS/DOLBY VISION is inconsistent. ROKU TECHS please help or perhaps rebuild your platform!




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