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HDCP and using A/V connection instead

Good afternoon everyone,

I have an older tv with an HDMI connection.  I have tried two of the newer Rokus, and like most of you, received the HDCP error.  This is a supplemental tv.  However, in present circumstances, it's not feasible to buy a new tv as an extra, when my main one works.  If I purchased one of the older Rokus that connected through A/V cables instead of HDMI, would it work? I'm tired of watching TV on my phone at night.  I don't want to spend the money on the older Roku if I would still get the HDCP error.  Is it just an HDMI issue only? 

Thanks for the help.



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Re: HDCP and using A/V connection instead

We keep getting HDCP errors when trying to access channels. Worked okay when we first received it and set it up. Then after a few days of using it, started getting error page. I tried different cable, different HDMI configurations, resetting Roku back to factory settings and starting all over, all for naught.


Larry Metzenbauer


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