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HDCP Purple Screen, Can't Get ROKU Express to Work

Picked up a ROKU Express for the bedroom TV, after all the set-up I get a purple screen with  "HDCP Unauthorized. For help, visit:" when I try to play a program off Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. 

Visited, tried all the solutions, tried on another TV in the basement, same result. These are older TV's with HDCP 1.4, so according to the ROKU instructions online, I should be able to play videos in 720p, right? Tried, reboot, factory reset, the whole power-off-cable-pulling thing, nothing is working. This has not been an impressive experience thus far with ROKU, but I really want to make this work. 
Any thoughts?


ROKU specifics: 
3900X - ROKU Express
SN- YG0004286482
Software: 8.0.1 build 4042-51
Device ID: C337CO286482
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Level 12

Re: HDCP Purple Screen, Can't Get ROKU Express to Work

And you tried a new HDMI cable?
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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Level 9

Re: HDCP Purple Screen, Can't Get ROKU Express to Work

This isn’t of much help, but, my Express 3900x with the same os and build is running on a 720p display with hdcp 1.4 with no problems, so it *should* work (haven’t tried it on a 1080 display).
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Level 7

Re: HDCP Purple Screen, Can't Get ROKU Express to Work

I curse the money grubbing inventors of the purple HDCP screen, I know ROKU is just following the rules but this is stupid what you can and can't view on a 1.2 - 1.4 compatible 4K TV.

If you hit the purple screen you have to back all the way out to get back to the 4K screen again, Can't even view my own 4K videos on the ROKU media player, just trying to watch TV here really and this thing locks out up 50 times per day for no rhyme or reason, sure of one thing the little guy is always going to get messed over and scammed for money.
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