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HDCP Errors on a Roku box/TV combo I've been using for over a year!

I've got both a ROKU TV and a Toshiba TV, and I've been using a Roku Ultra on the Toshiba and obviously Roku on the Roku TV. Lately, the HDCP message pops up on both of these TV's, and I can't get them to reset or run at all. No programs will work. I've been using these setups with the Roku Ultra and Toshiba TV and the Roku TV for over a year, and I don't understand why they would start to do this now. Also, I don't understand how a Roku TV can have the HDCP issue when there isn't an HDMI cable involved... help! Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? I'm going to call them tomorrow and see if someone can help me but thought this might be more helpful. Thanks ahead of time!

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