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HDCP Error Detected - Roku Ultra & LG OLED55C7P 4K/HDR TV. Ugh!

Lately, I'm watching content on YoutubeTV via Roku Ultra and LG OLED55C7P / 4K HDR screen (and audio via ARC to Pioneer Elite A/V receiver and sometimes just on the TV speakers).  I can turn on the TV and watch and it will suddenly give me the dreaded HDCP Error Detected (Error 20) blacking out the screen.  Audio continues to be heard. 

Nothing changed just prior to the error screen appearing.. same cables, no disturbances - nothing at all - when this happens.  Having to get up, mess with HDMI cables and power failing equipment is getting old.  Real fast!  I had this similar issue a year ago and played along with the Roku CSR.  At that time I replaced my wall snaked HDMI cables, power failing, standing on my head, etc. and they agreed to replace the Roku Ultra.  Everything seemed to be working fine since then - but all of a sudden (in the last week or so) this HDCP Error **bleep** is happening all over again! 

Are there settings somewhere that I'm missing?  Thanks in advance!



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Re: HDCP Error Detected - Roku Ultra & LG OLED55C7P 4K/HDR TV. Ugh!

I'm having the same issues (on all 5 of my Roku Ultra players and using the latest firmware upgrade)...

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: HDCP Error Detected - Roku Ultra & LG OLED55C7P 4K/HDR TV. Ugh!

@stevecon @ccmichaelson 

Thanks for the inquiry.

For information regarding HDCP errors, we would recommend checking out our Support page for troubleshooting steps here: What should I do if I see a “HDCP Error Detected” message or a purple screen?


Danny R.
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