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HDCP Error - Another One - Anything New?

After several years of use without problems, I started getting the HDCP Error 20 message with my Roku 3.  I get the message for 30 seconds or so, then I get normal video, then I get normal video, then the message comes back and so on.  Sometimes, I go several days with no message, then without making any changes to the system, the message comes back.

I performed ALL the suggested steps in this forum.  After turning everything off and removing/reinstalling the cables, sometimes it'll go several days without an error message, then out of the blue the message comes back.  Or, I may get the message immediately after plugging the cables back in.

The cables are premium.

Anything new on this topic?  Just wanted to join the chorus of users who get this error.

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Re: HDCP Error - Another One - Anything New?

I am experiencing the same issue. It happens frequently when going from programming to a commercial. I am using a Streaming Stick + with a Sony X900E. 

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