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Roku has so

many commercials. Whats worse is it it the same commercials over again. Example, The Simply Safe commercial every five minutes which is the most obnoxious commercial ever. The frequency is absurd and has the opposite effect advertisers are looking for. I will never purchase anything from advertiser that thinks they can beat there product into viewers head with riduculous repetition. Its a waste of advertisers money and has the opposite results from what the advertiser is trying to achieve. You hate the product , not motivated to purchase it. I think Roku has a responsibility to its customers to tame the amount of ads and content of repatriation and stop thinking 24/7 about profit. This is no different than what is killing cable companies and network television. The internet was supposed to be different. But they are ruining. At least Netflix is commercial free. Roku, Get your **bleep** together

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