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Ghost images on every app when video streams

I have a Roku ultra and, since about 2 weeks ago, I am experiencing ghost images during video playback. They appear is faint white ghosts of images or text offset from the original image or text.

This problem only occurs during video playback, there are no associated audio problems.

It occurs in every app that I use.

It does not occur in menus, neither the Roku menus or any app menus, unless there is video playback, like the preview mode for Netflix, and it when it does it only affects the video portion.

I have swapped out different HDMI cables, HDMI ports, and even TV's. The problem does not occur with other devices using the same cables, ports, and TV's.

No changes have been made to my internet connection, prior to the problem occurring.

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Re: Ghost images on every app when video streams


I think you indicated this happens in Netflix. Any other apps? I don't use Netflix, but I can try some other apps, if it's one I use. Name two or three other apps where this happens.

I suspect it's not the source, and that I won't experience the same thing. I suspect it's something there, probably the Roku device, but troubleshooting would help determine that.

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