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Garbage remotes

This is the worst. I have three remotes and none work. I have to reset them all the time, sometimes they works, sometimes not. I am tired of constantly resetting. You should be embarrassed and ashamed. I will no longer support or recommend your **bleep** and unsupported garbage. Tells me my brand new install of batteries are at four percent. I will do everything in my power to prevent anyone investing in your **bleep** as much as I so far have. Your "help" is **bleep**. Your product is **bleep**. 


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Level 7

Re: Garbage remotes

I agree and have experienced the same thing. I installed 3  and within 90 days all three remotes stopped working.  New batteries did not work. Tried all the online suggestions and none work.  Highly recommend staying clear of ROKU.  It is extremely flawed on the remotes and you cannot get a solution from RoKu.   Throw it away and move to a better brand