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Frequent hangup on starting a channel

Using a Roku Express HD 2019, purchased in November 2019

Frequently when starting a program on YouTube TV, I select start at the beginning and the system hangs up - rotating circle and never connects with the program.     If I select join in progress then it usually works and I just go back in time to the beginning.     This is a fairly consistent problem but it only happens three to four times a week.    We have three other Roku devices and haven't seen this problem with any of the others.   Usually, rebooting the Roku solves the problem.    I suspect that the device is faulty and I will probably attempt to get it replaced under warranty but it appears that contacting Roku at this time is very difficult.

The second problem this device exhibits is a warning about frequent buffering.    This morning I got the warning and found that my internet service was running between 15 and 50 mbs, which should be plenty.

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