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Freezes up

I received a ROKU a few months ago where it was installed on an older smart LCD TV, WiFi via Spectrum. It works fine.   So I obtained an identical Roku for the newer OLED TV in living room where the freezing problem is.  The shows will be playing and then they freeze, sometimes restarting and other time said it lost connection.  So I went to sign in on WiFi 5 instead of 2 which connected then Roku froze and got stuck on wifi set up screen, so I turned it off and it's still stuck. Since I' on the same spectrum wifi and a better tv I believe the Roku device is faulty.  PS: A wee bit difficult if it is frozen up!

After writing this, 10 minutes I went back and was Roku was working again, but this isn't the first time the show were freezing up, we don't use the living room often and the last two times before this shows forze up. Also: the WiFi router is 24 inches away from Roku.

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