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Frame-rate matching no more

Under Advanced Display options (buried as deep as possible in Roku settings) there is an option that was the primary reason I got a Roku years ago. Frame-matching, essential for proper 24 and 23.976hz playback, which is 95% of all streaming content. Worked like a dream, until this year (AGAIN, 2020!?). One by one, most of the primary apps have failed to follow Roku's Frame-matching Directive.

Apps that worked and now have stopped playing correctly:

Netflix (1st to stop, most of a year ago) Consequently, I've watched far less of it this year



And as of last week Apple TV no longer even loads the stream unless Frame-matching is turned off.


I've loved my Roku, but that's it. I'm done with weird looking juddery 60hz playback. If they can't or won't fix what was promised to me I'm moving on to a system that will. As far as I know that means an Apple TV4k. Anyone else have a suggestion or input, I'd love to hear it.

Tested on Roku Ultra

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Level 7

Re: Frame-rate matching no more

Wow....nothing. No response. Well, I guess I'm moving on to Apple TV 4k while it's on sale then. Really sad. Loyal Roku user no more.

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