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Flashing Red Pixels

 I have a 55 inch Roku TV. When i stream Netflix and Hulu. There are flashing red pixels on my TV; when I pause the media, I can see the red pixels while they are not flashing. I have tried other streaming services such as MLB and it is fine.

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Level 20

Re: Flashing Red Pixels

1) Remove apps, RESTART Roku, reinstall apps - try again

2)  Restart your Roku TV (Settings/System/Power/System restart/Restart) - try again

3) Power off (unplug from AC) your Roku TV for 10-15 minutes - try again

4)  Factory reset your Roku TV (Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Factory reset) - try again

5)  Return/Exchange to retailer or get Warranty Service for your Roku TV from manufacturer/warrant service company.



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