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Feature request: disable return to home after lengthy pause

I live alone, and use my Roku to stream a few channels, notably Amazon and Netflix. I typically watch programming in short bursts - maybe 20 minutes, not long enough to complete a show. I almost always press "pause" and then go back to work for several hours before returning to a program.

Currently, all the apps that I've seen that support "pause" will exit after some interval, returning to the home screen.  This is VERY frustrating, since there is no reason for this. I'm not using bandwidth, the TV is off, and every single time I sit down in front of the TV and turn it back on I have to press around 5 different buttons to get back to where I was and it takes many seconds (15-20?) of needlessly burned time to get what I was looking for.

I understand that exiting apps is probably a system-wide "feature" to prevent lockups or other issues. However, I would very much like to be able to disable that at a system-wide level, and have the apps respect my setting preference. I want to sit back down at the TV and pick up exactly where I left off, no messing around with remembering what app, what user, what series, what episode, etc.

This seems like a terribly obvious thing. You want to encourage people to watch more, correct?  Sometimes when I sit down and turn on the TV and get faced with the home screen I just say "Ah, screw it." and turn the TV back off rather than going through the process of recalling where I was.  Pause means pause - please let me choose to make that actually useful.

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