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FandangoNow HDR on Stick+

I need an answer from users. I keep getting yanked around by Fandango CS.
Does the Roku Streaming Stick+ allow you to watch UHD movies on the FandangoNow app with HDR? Barring 4K TV and selection of movie, of course?
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Level 7

Re: FandangoNow HDR on Stick+

I just got a Stick+ mainly for Vudu, since my older Roku doesn't support 4K and the Vudu app in my TV won't output Dolby Atmos or 7.1 audio properly. The sound works great on the stick, but I can't get HDR to work at all. It auto-detects that my display doesn't support it (when it does) and when forcing the output to HDR it sends a picture out but won't trigger the TV's HDR mode when playing HDR content. Did a chat with Roku support and they wanted me to try it on another 4K TV, I don't know anyone else who has one.
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