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Level 7

Family Play (Beta) flashing/blank screen - poor performance

When using Family Play, scene skips are accompanied by a series of screen flashes while the movie skips forward, goes blank, flashes a frame along with the Family Play dancing people graphic, goes blank, flashes the dancers, goes blank again, and so on, for long enough that the movie is sufficiently interrupted. During the flashing, pressing up on the Roku remote brings up the typical VUDU UI (with chapter/resolution select and the FF/RWD controls, etc., over the blank/flashing screen).

Typically, the movie resumes playing 5-10 seconds later, but sometimes with the audio out of sync. This happens on multiple Vudu movies (rented or purchased).

I don't know if this is due to the beta part of the support or not, but it seems pretty excessive and sometimes requires restarting the movie and manually skipping past the segment that triggered the "skip".

Is there any sort of roadmap for improved Family Play support?

Roku Streaming Stick + (3810, 3811 series)

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