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External Hard Drive for 4K video storage and playback

Does anyone have any experience with this?  Can I use an external, powered hard drive to store streaming video programs and then replay them on the Roku Ultra with the usb connection?  Do the programs need to be recorded on Roku first and then transferred to the hard drive, or can they be saved directly to the external hard drive?

Additionally, can I use my existing personal music library (MP3 format) on a similar hard drive and use the Roku Media Player to play music over the TV?


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Re: External Hard Drive for 4K video storage and playback

Yes, you can put media from a computer on a hard drive and play it with the roku media player.    The media player has been updated recently and you can find some other threads here regarding bugs and limitations.

You might find it more convenient to run a server (plex, emby, or dlna) on the computer where you would load the data anyway and let the roku play it over the network.