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Level 7

Express+ no light, TV says no HDMI signal

I have had the Express+ for just about a month.  It set up fine; I was able to add my channels and get logged into my Netflix, Disney+, etc.  Now the light is not on and the TV says no signal.  I have already tried changing the HDMI port, changing the HDMI cord, unplugging/plugging EVERYTHING back in, reset button, and no results.  The light on the Roku is not on and I still get the "no signal" message on the TV.  Any ideas on how to fix since I cannot call into customer support?

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Level 21

Re: Express+ no light, TV says no HDMI signal

How are you powering it?  If you have a USB charger for your phone, give that a try.  If the light on the Express doesn't come on there's no sense looking for anything on your TV.

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