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Express+ freezes on a commercial and returns to home screen a lot!

Our Express+ has an issue where it will freeze the screen on a commercial and then after several seconds it will go to the home screen. This happens while we are on Hulu. It happens fairly often. As in everyday at least once if not several times. I've checked my internet speed a bunch and it is always really good. Many times if we go back into Hulu to the same channel it will start right back up but if the channel is still in a commercial it will work for a few seconds and then freeze again and do the same thing. It's super annoying. Anyone else have this issue or have a solution? I've tried a reboot, checking for updates, restarting my router... Continues to happen...

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Level 7

Re: Express+ freezes on a commercial and returns to home screen a lot!

Yes. I just got mine and this happens all the time. The audio for the program will play but the screen is frozen on the last commercial. If I press fast forward, I can get the program's visual to start again but I haven't found another fix yet. This doesn't happen with the old, but slower, Roku in the living room.

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