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Experiencing video loading (buffering) 4-6 times per hour

Despite having high speed Internet connectivity (210Mbbs down, and 19.3 Mbbs up) and a wired connection to my router, my Roku Ultra (model 4660X2), is still experiencing video loading which lasts for 30 secs to 1+ min(s). The following message is displayed “Hmmm ..... This video is taking longer than it should to load. Thank you for your patience”

Has anyone else seen this message. I’m stating to think there is a defect in the Roku since all other network devices are functioning correctly. 

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Level 7

Re: Experiencing video loading (buffering) 4-6 times per hour

I just switched to a Fire Stick and have had absolutely no problem connecting to my internet. With Roku, I had internet issues all the time. I even bought a new Roku thinking my device was a couple of years old so it was outdated. No luck. Still had internet connectivity issues. We have 3 TVs in the house. The other 2 were using Fire Stick and didn't have any internet issues. I hooked my new Firestick up today and am happy as a clam. I just wish I could give my feedback directly to Roku. It's a **bleep** product and they need to know so they can fix it.

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