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Excessive buffering

1) "Upgraded" [sic] to Express+  which I refer to as my "Buffering/Loading Roku

 2) Got warranty replacement due to incessantly buffering (accompanied by cratering resolution) on MSNBC, among others (& yeah, I went thru all the online troubleshooting) 

3) Replacement is now ... wait for it ... exhibiting excessive buffering both on MSNBC and Showtime! 

4) Spectrum delivers [verified] 100+ Mbps & Roku indicates 29 Mbps maximum ?! Roku frequently reports "Good internet" with 1 Mbps or 2 Mbps.  Huh?  Whaaa?   Why not "0 Mbps = Good" ?? 

5) With previous Roku (2XS) I would have checked ethernet connection (Missing on "Buffering/Loading Roku") or switched wireless from 2.4G to 5G  (5G also Missing on "Buffering/Loading Roku") 

6) Should I waste another $6 S&H on yet another warranty return

7) Helpful suggestions?  ...  Anyone?


Just noticed "buffering" is not an available posting Label; guess I must be imagining all of above!





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Level 17

Re: Excessive buffering

The Express and Express+ are 2.4GHz only devices.  If you think you would benefit from 5GHz (or Ethernet), check roku's comparison tool for a more appropriate unit.

That said, my Express is flawless on 2.4GHz here (though my RF environment could be much different than yours.)  When I first plugged it in, my 2.4GHz Wi-Fi was on channel 11 and Roku was reporting ~8-10Mbs. While that was sufficient for HD streaming, I figured I could do better, and after looking at the Wi-Fi that was in my home, I switched to channel 6 and my Express immediately started getting ~20-25Mbps. Your Wi-Fi environment may look different.  If so, higher end models with 5GHz and upgraded radios or even the Ultra with Ethernet might be attractive.

I buy from retailers and just do replacements for stuff I don’t like.  The last two things I wanted to return, the internet retailer just had me print a shipping label and leave it on my porch.

By the way, wireless reception is position dependent too and can really be impacted by being near other electronic devices and metal so sometimes moving it or rotating it can help too.

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Level 7

Re: Excessive buffering

We regularly use ROKU and have BRITBOX as one of the apps. All other apps perform very well with the exception of BRITBOX. I regularly is buffering droping off and then returning.

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Level 7

Re: Excessive buffering

I have a Roku Express and often have fuzzy reception.  I ran speed tests at the Roku device at the TV and got about 18mps.  At the modem, about 30 feet away, through cement walls, I got about 30--32 mbs. Does this scenario--with the distance from the modem--sound like it is causing the poor reception?  Does anyone know if a product upgrade would solve the problem and which Roku device I should upgrade to?


Bob H.

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