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Erroneous message, power on usb not adequate

My roku is plugged directly into a wall outlet.  I am getting a repeat message that my tv USB port will not power roku—but my roku is plugged into a wall outlet using the usb I got with my roku.  The message appears a few minutes after I turn roku on.  Has worked ok for months.  I have tried different outlets.  Appears to be a problem Only with the Roku unit, as other electronics plugged in these same outlets work fine.  I can send model and serial number; but it looks like the unit is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

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Re: Erroneous message, power on usb not adequate

What model Roku (Settings > System > About)?

If it's one that is powered via a USB cable, have you tried using a different wall adapter you may have around, like from a cell phone?  Use one with a rated output of at least 1 amp.

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