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EXPRESS 3930 Netflix audio out of sync

I’ve searched the forums and found several items speaking to audio sync issues. Most solutions I’ve find have been for different models, except for the option which says to change audio mode and enabling PCM Stereo.

This has not solved the audio drift on Netflix. 

Are there any other solutions we can try for a Roku Express 3930?

Thanks so much!


Roku Express (3900 series)  

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Re: EXPRESS 3930 Netflix audio out of sync

@jacobw201 Thanks for the note here. A few more questions: 

- What specific movie or tv show, including season and episode, were you watching when you encounter this issue? 

- Does the same issue occur in other streaming channels on your device, such as YouTube, The Roku Channel, etc.?

- During content playback inside the Netflix channel, press the * key on your remote. A menu will open on the lefthand side of the screen. Look for 'Volume Mode' and turn this feature off. Does this resolve the issue? 




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