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Level 8

Dolby Vision (low latency)

My Sony A1E Oled and Denon X7200Wa  avr  just received a Dolby vision (low latency) update on both devices and I would like to know if or can the Roku Ultra's be updated to receive the same update or do we have to wait for a 2019 Roku device?
Level 12

Re: Dolby Vision (low latency)

You'll have to wait a new device, but there's no guarantee that Roku will ever support DV due to the licensing cost.

In the meantime, I've switched over to Apple TV 4k recently due to Roku's lack of DV, and other nagging fit and finish issues with the platform. Pretty happy with that decision.
Level 7

Re: Dolby Vision (low latency)

I have TV which supports Dolby Vision aka DV. It has color depth of 12 bits. I have recently bought ROku streaming stick plus 4k assuming it will work with HDR10 or HDR 10+ or Dolby Vision. I was wrong with the assumption. 

I also tried to check Settings-Display type. It never went upto 4K HDR 30 or 60Hz. Everytime I am getting error like "HDMI input is not capable of playing video at 4K/HDR 60 Hz".

Hence moved to Amazon Fire 4k stick. Plugged in in the same HDMI input where I had Roku streaming stick plus plugged in earlier. Its picking up both Dolby Vision as well as Dolby Atmos. Happy with the decision.

This is definitely technical/software/hardware glitch roku has with that specific series of device.