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Dolby Vision - Official Reponse Requested

Going through a lengthy warranty process with TCL for model 65C807.

1. Mostly happy with Roku TV platform.
2. Mostly happy with TCL manufacturing quality.
3. Mostly disgusted with Dolby Vision's algorithm and implementation.

Dolby Vision hijacks the back-lighting on streams encoded in DV, creating a strobe effect for scenes with many camera cuts between dark and light shots.

Dynamic Contrast can be disabled for all other streams that play on the television.
But while watching streams encoded in Dolby Vision, the toggle is greyed out because "Not available while Dolby Vision is controlling backlight"

It's worth mentioning that I have another Roku TV with HDR10. That toggle is available for HDR10 streams

1. There exists no way to disable the Dynamic Contrast (varied back-lighting) while watching a Dolby Vision encoded stream.
2. There exists no way to completely disable Dolby Vision, or at least toggle the HDR format to HDR10.
3. The color gamut on these budget sets is limited to the point of HDR being indistinguishable from a normal stream.
4. TVs with zoned lighting may benefit from the dynamic contrast, but edge lit models are objectively worsened when the backlight noticeably strobes from one camera cut to the next.

TCL is buying back the TV. But I've had to spend an inordinate amount of effort and time in order to get that resolution.
As a Roku user for many years, I really like the concept behind Roku TV platform.
That said, this experience has been souring.
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