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Dolby Digital Plus

Hi Friends,

I have a Roku Premiere Plus and a 5.1 setup with a Yamaha RX-V383 avr.

May sound like a noob question. I am not able to know if I am getting DD Plus sound or just DD out from the Roku.I have connected it to my AVR  by HDMI and from the arc port from AVR to my TV. Sound settings on Roku is set for auto (DD PLus) and on TV for DD Plus. 
On Netflix help page,it is given that titles with DD Plus sound will have it clearly mentioned and only 5.1 will be mentioned with titles that have only DD sound on the info page. But I can see only 5.1 info on almost all titles.No titles can be seen with with Dolby DIgital Plus icon.
Does this mean that there is something wrong with my audio setup? Please help me guys.

Thank You.



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Level 11

Re: Dolby Digital Plus

If you get surround then it doesn't matter. I have a Yamaha too, but it shows all speakers active, then its working.

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Re: Dolby Digital Plus

Note: to be sure surround is working you must check that all 5 speakers are active in the INPUT side of the AVR; all 5 speakers can be active on the output side with only a stereo input signal if the AVR sends the stereo input to all 5 speakers (which most AVRs do).

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