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Does New Ultra do Lossless Pass through : TrueHD, Atmos, DTS, etc?

The specs sat Pass Through... does that mean it will do lossless pass through to the AVR when using Plex, Emby, etc?

Very important for those of us with Home Theaters.


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Re: Does New Ultra do Lossless Pass through : TrueHD, Atmos, DTS, etc?

Highly unlikely. The current Roku players have audio bitstream passthrough, but only for DD and DTS. No lossy codec is supported. I think if they had added it they would have made it perfectly clear, because we've been asking for it for years. Right now the least costly method of streaming the lossless audio codecs from movies rips is the Nvidia Shield. Find a sale and you can probably get one for about $150. For a home theater it's far better than a Roku. And I say that as a Roku enthusiast. Roku just doesn't seem to want to cater to the more serious home theater user. 
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