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Display of 4:3 aspect ratio films on 4:3 aspect ratio TV

I have posted this issue a year ago but got no response so I am kick-starting it.

I am using a Roku Express+ with a Quasar 4:3  aspect ratio telly.

In the Kanopy channel I display 16:9 content correctly i.e. letter-boxed, black bars top and bottom.

However, I display 4:3 content incorrectly: it should fill the telly screen but instead is window-boxed i.e. black bars, top, bottom and both sides. So the aspect ratio is set correctly but the image size is too small.

Can anyone suggest a fix? I only use the Kanopy channel so is there another free channel with 4:3 aspect ratio content that I could test, to see if it's the Kanpy coding that is messing things up?.

I should point out that the TV displays DVDs perfectly, regardless of aspect ratio of the content

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