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Disappearing captions

I have used a Roku 2 to watch Britbox for about a year.  Closed captions are as important as the audio or video, as anyone knows who attempts to understand some of the regional dialects.  Therefore, closed captions are set to always on.  Roughly two months ago, the captions started to disappear.  The only way to get them back is to go to system restart.  The captions will then return, sometimes for several days and sometimes for just 30 minutes.  It is more than irritating to have to stop in the middle of a show to reboot the Roku just to restore the captions.  I don't really watch anything else, so I do not know whether this is a problem on all channels.  I just know that it started a month or two ago.

Roku 2

Model 4210X

Serial number 5F464E117724

Software 9.4.0  Build 4190-04