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Re: Disable speaker cutoff on Roku 3

I would definitely love this feature as well. My father is hard of hearing and my parents can no longer watch TV together. This would go a long long way towards fixing that.
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Level 7

Re: Disable speaker cutoff on Roku 3


I did the UUDDUUUDDD to turn on the speakers when the headphone are plugged into the remote. It initially works great, my Dad is hard of hearing and this would allow him to listen on headphones while the rest of us listen over the speakers. 

The problem is, if you change the volume on the remote after setting the code, then the volume on the headset jumps to 100% and distorts the sound. This will hurt your ears. I tried using a headset with independent volume control but the distortion is still there. If I do not touch the volume after setting the code, then it works fine, but I am concern if I accidently bump the remote volume, I would blow out my ears.

Anyone know how I can get around this problem??? 
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