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Digital Audio Volume Control/Spotify Can Control Volume!

Mostly just curious on this:

I know I can't normally control volume with the roku remote when i output from my TV to a soundbar through a digital audio cord. I have to, since my TV headphone jack is busted, so I've just gotten used to it.

I noticed recently, though, that I CAN control volume on Spotify casted to my roku when I adjust the volume through the spotify app on my phone. Wondering how my phone can control the volume on my roku, but my roku remote can't control the volume on anything (even the same app!) when outputting through a digital cord.

Like, I had just assumed it was impossible to control the volume when outputting sound through the digital cord. But apparently it is possible, but only in this very particular context. Wondering what spotify (or even google, since I'm casting from android) has figured out that no other company has.

I assume it has something to do with adjusting the app volume rather than the TV volume, and the way Spotify casting works. I've noticed no other casted apps can do the same thing, just Spotify.

I'm maybe even wondering if there's some kind of setting I can adjust on my roku that allows my remote to adjust volume in these apps (rather than adjust my TV volume), in a way that might allow me to tuck away my soundbar remote. I'd always assumed no, but now it seems at least somewhat possible. routerwebaid

Happy to clarify if this is confusing. Thanks to anyone who responds.


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