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Device (or Roku) dual overlay of Chromecast HDMI content

I'd like to do something a little different.  I'd like to overlay the Chromecast HDMI output on top of say the Roku Output and have the resulting output sent to my TV's HDMI Input.

The video from the chromecast would be just overlay -- i.e. transparent on so the Roku signal would show through.

I use a Tablo device that supports OTA TV content.   The Roku makes it so I can use a single remote to switch between the content fairly easily.  I also use SlingTV, Netflix, Amazon Video and Google Play Movies.      I'd like to integrate Google Home content from the Chromecast on top of the Roku's output.  I don't want to have to switch between the two on the TV.
Will a future incarnation of the Roku support something like this?   Does a device like this exist?   Could the Roku Device support chromecast protocol?   Or perhaps the ROKU could support another HDMI port?


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Re: Device (or Roku) to accept Chromecast HDMI content

Roku does not comment on future features. As of right now, Roku can't do this. Closest way to do this is RokuTV with a Chromecast device. Anyways, what you are talking about is not possible at the moment.
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Re: Device (or Roku) to accept Chromecast HDMI content

I believe you could overlay two video feeds is with a proper video switcher/controller. However, I would expect the cost to be far too high to justify for a home setup. I agree that it's highly unlikely that Roku would add such a feature. 
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