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Device freezes several times a night and the frequency is increasing fast

I have a Roku Ultra HD Model# 4660x2.  It is freezing daily.  It started to do this 3 weeks ago, and I though it was a network bandwidth issue.  3 weeks ago it froze 3 times a week, the following week it froze once daily, and now it is freezing about once every 30 minutes. What is going on?  I have system started and system updated, no change. Power cycled 3 times back to back, no change. The only way to get out of the freeze is to power cycle off usually with the remote.  Has Roku decided this model is not supported?  It seems to be a software issue, but no software update is available and the last one made no change on the freezing.

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Re: Device freezes several times a night and the frequency is increasing fast

@Gmann2  Thanks for the note here. A few more questions about the behavior you are seeing: 

- What streaming channel are you watching when this behavior occurs? 

- Have you ever installed any non-certified, private channels onto your device using a channel access code in your account at 

- Have you followed these steps to perform a full factory reset on your device, and set it up again fresh to see if this resolves the issue?




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