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Delay in Rear Wireless Speakers

I have a Roku TV, a Roku Soundbar, and Roku Wireless speakers. It was a nightmare setting them all up. I missed the one place in all the instructions that says the Wireless Speakers need to be paired with the Soundbar and not the RokuTV. What is sad is I bought everything because I thought it would be an easy set up. 

Now when video first starts the Soundbar will have sound, but the wireless speakers take 20 to 30 seconds to start working. No problem in sync, just the lag in starting. This isn't bad if you are watching a movie, but super annoying when you are watching a show that is on demand and the video changes with each commercial break.

Anyone else have this problem and know a fix for it. I am seriously regretting my decision.


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Level 8

Re: Delay in Rear Wireless Speakers

 I have a Roku TV, sound bar, subwoofer and two rear speakers. The problem is the rear speakers have a 30 second delay. I have tried restarting the speakers and I have used the factory reset both without success. The soundbar and subwoofer work fine. I hope someone has a solution. 

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