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DTS and Plex audio very choppy

Hey all,

I have found a very strange issue when playing DVD MKV files with a DTS track on the ROKU Plex channel.
What happens is this:
The Mpeg2 video track is transcoded by Plex to h.264 as it should be, and the DTS is a direct play / stream. However the audio is extremely choppy almost like a pulsating choppy, it's not smooth playback at all.

I have a 2016 Premiere+, and a 2017 Ultra, and a 2016 Streaming Stick.  The ultra, and Premiere+ have the issue with DTS unless I play a file that's natively h.264, and then audio is fine.
Anything else that has to transcode causes the issue.

However, the 2016 Streaming stick with same Plex channel version, and a different software line, doesn't have the issue.
I'm wanting to find out if I need to address this issue with Plex, or if this is a RoKU issue.


I can provide info as needed.
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Level 8

Re: DTS and Plex audio very choppy

I am also having the same  issue, I  rebooted the ultra which fixed it for a day,  choppy  audio  on all channels.  I  see there was an update  yesterday 9.15  we shall see if this fixed it

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