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DD5.1 and before Patents EXPIRED 2017 - why no support now?

I'm wondering why Dolby 5.1 (2.0 etc) isn't fully supported by a firmware update for ALL recent rokus (have a bunch of 4's that don't play anything without receivers from flash basically)? The patents for it expired in 2017 (DD+, Atmos etc new ones, but not these OLD ones I'm talking here). So why won't all my roku 4's play DD5.1 or 2.1, 2.0 straight out of the gate? It was in our 4640 (think that's the model, well, the only one that REALLY WORKS of ANY roku's, now you get it? Smiley Happy). Not sure why they made ONE model work, and every other fail since. We will never buy roku again until DD is supported out of the box. EVERY bluray does it, for $49. How much can the lic be for atmos etc even by now? You can do everything on a $50 bluray so, I'm confused by this stupidity. I'd pay $5 to get this on EVERY model. Heck $10. Just fix you freaking devices. Want to sell 10mil per year? Start making GAMING a priority (heck buy NV chips) and support GAMEPADS. Boom, millions more sold. Why you insists on streaming only is beyond me, you're dead to me now (3 houses that is, dead to US). Sad. We upgrade 3-4 yearly, now dead for us until fixed. Everything else we own does your streaming job (every TV, phone, tablet, laptop etc). NO need for you unless you ADD VALUE. Meaning things like gaming, DD5.1 and down, MKV over the network - still fails in your app from a windows PC, only mp4's show up...LOL facepalm. Raise your hand if you have receivers in 4 rooms? I see none. Your devices need to grow balls and get MORE DONE. All it took for Apple to kill blackberry? GAMES and Exchange server support.
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