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Level 7

Content shrinks to small window

Occasionally while playing a show, the picture will shrink down to a small window in the lower left quadrant of the screen. Looks like PIP sized window, with black screen behind. Happens (so far) with SYFY and Fox News and USA apps. Exiting and restarting app regains full-screen picture. I use a 3600 series streaming stick.


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Level 7

Re: Content shrinks to small window

this is happening to different devices same issue 
picture content shrinks to teeny tiny window in upper left 
I have had issues on syfy app, and netflix and on different devices using same acct
youtubetv does not seem affected 
using roku box and  roku tv same issue occurs
usually starts after ads are played or during ads and I can exit app and restart to get pic again or sometimes rewind a bit and pic shows up on entire screen again 

this has only started occurring after the last update , no issues at all before