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Constant reboot, screen issues

We have a Roku Premiere model 4620X which has been a problem for 6 months now. It constantly reboots, and when it does start it has massive screen issues which sometimes require an additional reboot. Sometimes we can just use the hotkeys to go to another app and then go back to home to resolve it.

Once the device is on and the screen issues resolved, we do not have issues with any specific channels. All issues are with starting and screen resolution on start.

I cannot find any reference to these issues elsewhere. Do we have a lemon? Is there a solve for this?

Pic of screen at start:
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Level 19

Re: Constant reboot, screen issues

Thanks for the note here. A couple thoughts and suggestions: 

- Have you swapped out the HDMI cable being used to connect the device to your TV? Does this resolve the issue? 
- Have you tried connecting the player to a different HDMI port on the TV? Does the same issue occur? 
- Have you tried connecting the player to a different TV? Does the same issue occur on a different TV? 

As a last resort troubleshooting method, you might try performing a factory reset of the device. This will remove all channels, account and login information from your device, and allow you to set it up again from scratch. You can see more information for performing this here:

Keep us posted on how it goes from there. 

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Level 7

Re: Constant reboot, screen issues

We swapped the HDMI cord and port, no luck. We only have 1 TV so that wasn't an option for testing. The factory reboot definitely worked though. It wasn't quite as big a hassle as we thought it would be.
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