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Constant Rebooting Roku Express

I read the forum rules and looked thru the boards and did not find the answer to my specific question.  

I have a Roku Express, about 2 months old\
Has worked fine with no interruptions until a week ago. The only channel that doesnt cause a total reboot is the NewsOn channel.  Im quite tired of hearing depressing news All.Day.Long.  I have cleared the cache on all devices in my home. 2 cell phones, a laptop & the Roku are all I use.  I only have Wifi and everything is on the same network.  My ISP says I just barely have enough for all 4 devices but the connection is great & very fast.  There have been no outside issues.  As of now, in the last 30 minutes, just sitting on the home screen directly next to the modem it has rebootedt too many times.  Can someone please spend a few minutes w me and tell me what to do?  Im recovering from a lower leg amputation & its pretty quiet in here and Im frustrated.  Thank you so much Smiley Very Happy 
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