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Connected to internet but apps won't stream

I have 2 Roku Express (3900EU).

One works fine.

The other wont stream in any app. If I go to the Roku Channel it reports there is a problem with the network connection. If I go to Amazon Prime or Disney+ the thumbnails for the films etc come up (although some are sometimes distorted) but if I try to play any I get an error. No apps will stream any video and some will not startup. The software is up to date. On the internet connection check it reports and Excellent signal and a good download speed (35Mbs). I have tried restarting it, I have tried removing and re-installing the apps.

I don't know why this Roku Express wont work but my other one does. Any help would be appreciated

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Level 7

Re: Connected to internet but apps won't stream

I'm sorry to report this is happening to me a lot as well. I even did a factory reset of the Roku TV, had to get all my old apps back etc. Worked good for about, 2 days. I'll try to report back if I ever get it fixed (wouldn't hold your breath though).

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