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Completely worthless warranty support

My Roku streaming stick failed after only a couple months.  I contacted Roku for support detailing the problem.  The Warranty Support team ask questions that had they read what I wrote, they already would have had the answers.   For example, I told them the screen is black with nothing on it, they wanted a photo attached of my black screen.   I told them I tried it on multiple TVs and also used a different device on the same TV, but they asked questions about my TV and if there was power.  These are completely stupid questions to ask given the information I provided them.  After about 4 rounds of emails, they asked for a phone number to call me.  I gave it to them and told them when they could reach me.   I never got that phone call.  Instead I got an email saying they couldn't reach me despite the fact that they never called me.   They then asked again for my phone number, even though I gave it to them.  At that point I gave up on them and resolved my warranty the only way I could.  I went to the store, bought a new Roku and returned the defective one to the store since the warranty department at Roku is 100% completely worthless!

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