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Color, black crush, white crush on UHD HDR dispmay

I have a Roku Ultra connected to an HDCP 2.2 capable receiver and a UHD HDR capable projector. The HD cables are active. All content played from my Roku Ultra has the color oversaturated and significant black crush in dark scenes. This is true with multiple channels including Netflix and Plex. I connected a Netflix capable 4K HDR capable BluRay player to the receiver and the colors and black crush are fine for the same content using both Netflix and the original BluRay disc. So I know it's something about the Roku Ultra.

This may be a clue. If I try to force the Roku Ultra to 4K HDR 60fps it will fail to negotiate and drop down to 4K HDR 30fps. The BluRay player successfully negotiates to 4K HDR 60fps.

I went through all of the settings. They seem to be very minimal. Is there something I can look at to figure out what's going on? 

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