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Color Banding and Artifacts

I have a Sony 55” x850c 4K HDR TV.  I’ve tried every combination of settings: my TV inputs are set to enhanced 4K, HDR is set to Auto, my Roku Streaming Stick+ and Ultra are set to Auto Detect Display (4K, 60htz, HDCP 2.2, 4:2:2, HDR).  4K HDR content looks fine.  However, on SD/1080p content there is purplish color banding and artifacts in the dark areas (it’s worse towards the screen edges).  I know this is a color bit depth issue with HDR on non-HDR content, but unlike other streaming devices, there’s no option to control it.  The auto settings aren’t working.  Does anyone else have this issue? 

I’m bummed because I like Roku’s interface better; is there a possible update or fix coming?  Until then, I have to return my Roku devices and go with alternatives.

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