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Cannot remove "Streaming Box" from my channel list...

Following instructions I successfully remove the icon from my channel list several times already...but when I restart that troublesome streaming box icon takes over and I cannot stop it from continually streaming. Everything thing worked fine before it appeared TODAY in my channel list and keeps automatically returning after I turn it off and remove it. It will automatically return whenever I reboot...and I have followed instructions and successfully removing it, removed it as per instructions, but it won't stay off. WorKed fine for a few months but today streaming box icon appeared making itself "MyTurner" channel and if I reboot TV it automatically appears streaming and I can't stop it with remote...Some update!!!!

Level 10

Re: Cannot remove "Streaming Box" from my channel list...

This behavior you're reporting -- is this happening on a Roku TV?

It sounds like perhaps you have an input called "Streaming Box", and you're thinking it's a "Channel",  and you're trying to remove it.

If I'm correct, it's not a "Channel" in that case, rather it's a reference to an actual input on the back of your TV, which you can likely change the name of it needed, but it is not a "Channel" in the Roku sense. 

On Roku TV models, these show up on the Channel menu (home screen) as a matter of convenience.  (Otherwise, how would you select an alternate "Input" instead of just watching Roku channels on your TV?)

I hope this helps you or someone else.


Level 9

Re: Cannot remove "Streaming Box" from my channel list...

Exactly, Philips RokuTV with outdated Roku hardwire installed inside and it cables to HDMI 1; with new Roku Box attached to HDMI 2 = Streaming Box trouble.

Actually, Roku onscreen help said to remove cable from HDMI I did that, and it solved the conflict.

Now, when I turn on the RokuTV it first boots to the old outdated version of Roku, and then, automatically switches to my new Roku Box, which is fine with me, I'm okay with that.


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