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Cannot listen to Roku Media Player videos using headphones on my remote

I have a Roku Ultra (4670X) and I am starting to use the Roku Media Player app to play copies of my videos off a USB hard drive.  Everything works fine with the exception that I cannot listen to the videos using my earbuds when connected to my remote.

I am able to use the earbuds when watching streamed content on my Ultras (I have two).  I have no issue playing the videos off my USB hard drive using the speakers in my TVs.  I have tried the hard drive on both Ultras and with multiple earbuds.  The issue seems to be using the earbuds with the Media Player app.

I have rebooted both Roku Ultras and have replaced the batteries in both remotes.  Nothing seems to work (at least as far as the earbuds go).  

The video files have been manually created using Handbrake form my personal video DVD collection.  I suspect the issue may be related to audio encoding.  I am using the standard Handbrake encoding preset of HQ7320p30 Surround.  This has the following audio codec settings.  Please let me know if I need to change anything.  Thanks

Audio Codec.JPG

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