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Can't see video on Roku streaming stick +

Im having a strange issue that has started happening today.

I have a roku streaming stick plus, connected to a vizio E series Tv.  When I turn everything on, I can see the roku menu.  When I open one of the apps, like Xfinity Stream, Amazon Video, or Netflix, everything works like normal, right until I try to play a program, at which point the screen goes completely black.  The TV is still on, because I can see things like the TV menu, and the visual when I adjust the volume.   So for example, I can select Netflix, scroll to stranger things, select an episode, hit play...and that's it.  I can even see the little timer on the bottom that says 30 seconds out of 45 minutes or whatever, but that's it.  same pattern with amazon video, HBO, etc.  After sitting on the black screen long enough, the roku screen saver will even play.

I've tried adjusting the video setting to auto, and manually to 4k HDR.  Also, other inputs work, for example I can watch Netflix and Prime Video through my XBOX one, but not w!ith the roku.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.
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Re: Can't see video on Roku streaming stick +

That is extremely odd. First thing I'd suggest is trying it on a different TV. If it is still doing it on the other TV, then I guess it's time for a hard reset. Yeah, it's time consuming to set everything back up, but it sounds like there's something buggy in the firmware and a hard reset might clear it. Beyond that, it's entirely possible the Stick is defective and needs to be replaced. Roku is pretty good about honoring their year warranty, so hopefully yours isn't older than that. 
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