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Can't play HDR on my TCL R635-CA but everything else works fine.

Good Day.

I apologize that if this has been discussed but I couldn't find a solution on this board on anywhere else.  I just bought a TCL R635 from my local Best Buy in Canada (I live in Surrey, BC) and everything works fine but cannot play HDR movies from my streaming service on my streaming box.  I see the HDR logo that slowly fades out when the movie starts like normal but I get a black screen after that (aside from the clock on the top right corner of my screen that is provided by my preferred video player).  I set the HDMI port where my streaming box is at 2.0 (not auto).  Since I can see my player's clock when playing HDR movies it must be a software problem on the TV's end.  

Am I right?  I got the feeling I should wait until TCL releases a fix for it.

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Re: Can't play HDR on my TCL R635-CA but everything else works fine.

Never mind.  Issue solved.  The issue wasn't the TV nor the external player.  The issue was from the streaming service source.  I had to make a tweak on the format of the incoming stream.  All good.  

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