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Can't get 4K 10-bit to work

Hi forum--

I have a brand new:

Onkyo TX NR-777
Sony X900F

And a Roku 4.

I have set the X900F HDMI input 3 to "Enhanced Format". When I go to secret menu HHHHHDLUUU, it says:

MFG: ONK PRDCT: 4464 SN: 0 NAME: AV Receiver
Supports: Yes to every single thing

But when I try to select 4K,10bit,60Hz, I do not get a screen. Just whole screen blue until the Roku reverts back to 4K,60Hz.

Many people say you can change the Roku to 4:2:0 in this secret menu, but I do not have that option. All I see is "Enable HDMI fast suspend" and "Disable automatic Recovery".

Do I need to get a Roku Ultra for HDR? I have seen A LOT of complaints about Roku Ultra and HDMI issues. Should I get an Apple TV instead?

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Re: Can't get 4K 10-bit to work

Roku 4 will not do HDR.
I have the original Roku Ultra and am happy with it. 
4K HDR TV: Samsung UN60KS8000
4K HDR Receiver: Yamaha RX-V381
4K HDR blu ray: Samsung UBD-K8500
4K HDR streamer: Roku Ultra 4640 (2016 model)
4K HDR Gaming: Xbox One X
4K HDR DVR: Directv Genie HS17-500 w/ C61K mini client
Cables: Amazon Basics 18Gbps HDMI
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Re: Can't get 4K 10-bit to work

First, yes you need a different Roku for HDR. The Roku 4 is 4K, but not HDR. As far as the 4:2:0 setting, it's no longer hidden in a secret menu, but is under System/Advanced System Settings. I don't have any experience with Onkyo, buy my Yamaha AVRs have an advanced menu that has a setting that has to be correct for full 4K/60 Hz. Yamaha labels it "Mode" and Mode 1 is necessary for full 4K/60 passthrough. 
Personally, the biggest issue my Ultra ever had was when I replaced my 4 and I couldn't get a good (reliable) 4K resolution setting. For me the issue was my HDMI cables weren't sufficient for 4K/60. They have to be certified for 18 Gbps data speed. I bought a couple of Amazon Basics cables and haven't had an issue since. Every once in a while I see the HDCP error message, but it always disappears in less than a second. Not enough time to even read the warning.  Smiley Very Happy
Roku Stick (3600), Ultra (4640), Premiere (3920), Insignia 720p Roku TV, Sharp 4K Roku TV, Nvidia Shield, Windows 10 Pro x64 running Serviio and Plex on a wired Gigabit network.
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Re: Can't get 4K 10-bit to work

Thanks for the answers guys!

I got my Roku Ultra (now I have a 3, 4 & Ultra). I also got 2 18Gbps HDMI cables (Roku->AVR->TV).

So now HDR is working. 4K,60Hz,HDR. Next complaint is that captions are relatively dim when watching HDR (Altered Carbon for example). New thread...

Thanks again!
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